Producer Forward Approach

Waste Collective Canada is breaking the mold of the waste industry by taking a producer forward approach to managing waste services. We work for you, not waste haulers or processors!

Businesses today are responsible more than ever for the proper disposal and management of the byproducts leaving their facilities. As the producer of the waste, shouldn’t you have more control and flexibility over who takes it and where it goes?   If your service provider is dropping the ball why should you be stuck with them for the next 3-5 years?

Waste Collective Canada takes a completely different approach to managing your sustainability services. Our focus is on understanding your business, your needs, and your sustainability goals. Our job is to provide complete management of your waste program so that you can focus on other more important aspects of your business.

When waste haulers are left to manage your services their focus is on making as much money as possible. Their interests are not aligned with yours. Waste Collective Canada works proactively for our clients to eliminate the waste in waste management!

Who would you rather have as your sustainability services provider?

Waste Haulers

  • Inflated prices.
  • Over service.
  • Onerous contracts.
  • Ongoing invoicing issues.
  • Creative new charges.
  • Questionable customer service.

Waste Collective Canada

  • Direct and indirect cost reductions.
  • Optimized service.
  • Complete management.
  • Enhanced sustainability.
  • Leveraged buying power.
  • Industry best customer service!

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