Major Grocery Retailer

Major Grocery Retailer

Major Grocery Chain in Western Canada

Waste Collective Canada was engaged by a leading Asian Supermarket to consolidate all aspects of waste management under one umbrella for their Western Canadian portfolio of stores. The goal of this initiative was to reduce waste disposal costs, reduce the number of trucks visiting the stores, eliminate administration costs associated with managing a complex network of vendors and enhance waste diversion through an ambitious zero waste goal.

Waste Collective Canada’s Solution

  • Waste Collective Canada performed a thorough waste diagnostic to benchmark the current services and disposal costs of 15 grocery locations and 3 warehouse locations in BC and Alberta.
  • Compactor service levels were optimized through careful analysis of past invoices, equipment capacity and store volumes. Equipment optimization was implemented with careful consideration given to the high volume consistent nature of the waste stream.
  • By working with a local vendor in Metro Vancouver, a complete source separated organics, garbage and recycling diversion program was implemented at all Metro Vancouver locations, consolidating all material into one compactor – material was sent to a MRF where all resources were recovered.
  • Styrofoam recycling program implemented at locations throughout Metro Vancouver – making this the first grocery retailer to implement a full Styrofoam recycling program in Western Canada.
  • Waste Collective Canada’s collective buying power was used to renegotiate transportation costs, processing fees and commodity revenue.
  • Complete store training and customized multi language signage provided.
  • Invoices and revenue streams were consolidated into one transparent invoice, separated by store.
  • Custom diversion reports generated to share the success of the sustainability program with stakeholders throughout the company.

Waste Collective Results

  • The elimination of over 15 collection totes for organic waste collection – freeing up much needed space and significantly reducing odours.
  • The elimination of 6 waste collection vehicles visiting each store per week – reducing store congestion and carbon emissions.
  • Increased store diversion rate to 75%
  • Reduced disposal costs by 27% company wide resulting in a savings of $22,500 per month.
  • Reduced the need for waste management by administration, accounting and store management.
  • One contact, one call for all services.
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