Amica Mature Lifestyles

Amica Mature Lifestyles

An expanding National Retirement Living operator was frustrated with the ever increasing costs of waste disposal for their properties, the time it was taking to manage their services and the challenges they were having with their well known national service providers non-localized customer service. They expressed the desire to have an expanded diversion program, including organics recycling and separate consolidated invoices for properties in Western and Eastern Canada.

Waste Collective Canada’s Solution

  • Waste Collective Canada performed a thorough waste diagnostic at 24 locations in BC, Alberta and Ontario simultaneously – benchmarking services, costs and usage levels.
  • A market analysis was performed to understand local market conditions, municipal bylaws to ensure complete compliance with disposal regulations and available services provided by various vendors.
  • Single stream recycling was implemented at locations where services were available.
  • A complete organics program was implemented at all locations throughout Canada – rate negotiation with vendors, coordination of bin deliveries, signage and staff training.
  • Engagement with the national service provider on a local level. Elimination of the national contract with so called “preferred rates” in favour of a local approach to services and service agreements.
  • Renegotiation of all service agreements utilizing Waste Collective Canada’s leveraged buying power and the removal of all Fuel and Environmental fees, Recycling levies, Commodity rate adjustments and other questionable charges.

Waste Collective Results

  • 45% reduction in waste disposal costs across Canada
  • 100% of the costs associated with the new organics program were covered by the savings generated by Waste Collective Canada on behalf of the client.
  • A 70% diversion rate has been achieved company wide.
  • Renegotiated service agreements with local vendor offices – no long term contracts, automatic renewal clauses or other restrictive language.
  • Monthly rates with no hidden costs or questionable fees – allowing the client to comfortably budget years in advance for waste disposal services.
  • Consolidated invoices for all Eastern and Western locations.
  • One contact, one call for all services.
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