A seasonal produce repacking and grading facility was challenged by the overwhelming amount of waste being produced during a 4 month period and the costs associated with managing it. Waste Collective Canada was tasked with developing a sustainable waste and recycling solution that would reduce the number of waste trucks visiting the site, reduce garbage and recycling disposal costs and provide a company that would actively mange this part of their operations year round.

Waste Collective Canada’s Solution

  • An initial waste diagnostic was performed to determine the composition of the waste being generated, seasonal volumes and collection frequency by the vendor.
  • The site was running 4 aging compactors for cardboard, with the equipment positioned throughout the 80,000sq ft facility. With daily collection service during the peak months and over 450MT of cardboard generated.
  • Waste Collective Canada performed a cost analysis to determine an appropriate piece of equipment to bale cardboard fast enough to keep up with the seasonal volume. A horizontal baler was deemed to be the appropriate piece of equipment, at which time WCC engaged with suppliers, negotiated a lease agreement and oversaw the installation of the new equipment.
  • Renegotiation of all service agreements utilizing Waste Collective Canada’s leveraged buying power and the removal of all Fuel and Environmental fees, Recycling levies, Commodity rate adjustments and other questionable charges.

Waste Collective Results

  • The implementation of the horizontal baler eliminated 75 hauls of the compactors annually, over $7,500 in transportation costs, and the elimination of labour and maintenance costs associated with maintaining the 4 aging compactors.
  • Waste Collective Canada marketed the full trailer loads of baled cardboard direct to mill at a revenue of over $50,000 in the first year.
  • Solid waste, organics and mixed recycling services were reviewed with implemented recommendations resulting in an additional 30% cost reduction.

Gary Purewal – Purewal Blueberries

“When we initially engaged with Stuart Lilley of Waste Collective Canada we were skeptical about the results he would be able to achieve for our company. The seasonal nature of this part of our business and the volume of waste generated during a short period of time is overwhelming for our staff as well as vendors. Stuart immediately understood our business, was able to perform a quick review of our services and made seamless changes to our waste program with amazing results. The ongoing management by Waste Collective Canada provides our company with peace of mind knowing that this part of our business is being managed professionally and effectively.”

  Client:  Purewal Blueberries
  URL Project:  www.purewalblueberries.com/
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